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CORIMATEC offers industrial solutions in design, tooling, complex parts and electrolytic deposition
-DESIGN: We assist our clients with their requirements for production tooling with the assistance of our project managers. We offer engineering service at customer’s site.
Tooling for production / Moulds for composites / Tooling for inspection. MEANS: Catia V5 / Solidworks / Creo
– TOOLING: With over 50 years of experience, our tooling department offers a full range of tooling for molding, assembly and handling solutions.We design and manufacture tools in nickel, composite, steel, invar or aluminium according to your requirements. Silicone vacuum bag will enable you to industrialize the vacuum process while reducing your wastes significantly.
– PARTS: We manufacture metallic parts in copper and nickel by electroforming. Electroforming is the process of depositing several millimeters of a pure metal (nickel or copper) on to a master. The deposited metal is then demolded to obtain the part.This process enables the manufacturing of geometrically complex parts that are difficult to achieve with traditional processes.
* TECHNICAL DEPOSIT to improve, or to add, mechanical properties:
Mechanical and impact resistance / EMC, conductivity, electromagnetic shielding / Abrasion, erosion, and fire resistance
* DECORATIVE METALLIZATION to give a metallic look to a part:
Cold touch / Weight increase / Higher perceived quality / Smoothing of metal cast parts (bronze, aluminium) / Precious metal finishes
– EQUIPMENT: We are distributors of equipment that will assist you in the manufacturing of composite parts and tooling.


  • ISO 9001


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Main activity: Build to Spec

Capabilities: Plastics and composites / Tooling