Main activity

CEREBRUM INGENIERIE is specialized in multi-physics and dynamic modeling (0D, 1D, 3D, co-simulation…).
Our approach: The Model Based Design (MBD) by CEREBRUM INGENIERIE
During the development, CEREBRUM INGENIERIE puts at the center of its process a numerical model with the different physics of the system. Thus, before the production cycle, this model allows to test and secure several ideas and to find a solution with the best balance. This way of working allows to realize virtual tests, to validate the operations and to program the future ECU which will be installed on the system (in parallel with the design); this saves a lot of development time.
The results of this approach are effective indicators for the collaboration between the various services within a company (writing of technical specifications for the purchasing division, DOE for the quality department…).
CEREBRUM INGENIERIE uses also simulation to resolve real customer problems, system optimization or the creation of dedicated tools to make the users’ daily life easier.



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Main activity: Engineering & design

Capabilities: Mechanics and metallurgy / Electrical and electronics (hard and soft) / Industrial process (machines) / Computer services (simulation, software, …)