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20 years ago, Binc Industries developed a revolutionary precision surface finishing process called MMP TECHNOLOGY: it is a surface treatment process that improves the surface performance of mechanical components.
MMP Technology is a unique finishing process that micro-machines the surface with a specific micro-media fluid in contact with the component.
It gives you a surface and roughness to exact requirements; it can be to meet tight specs, improve the surface’s performances or produce aesthetic surface finishes.
MMP Technology improves surface performance by simply changing the roughness and creating a new surface topology, without changing material health or hardness or affecting the design.

The MMP added-values are better friction, corrosion and abrasion resitance, lower wearing, fatigue resistance and longer lifetime.
MMP Technology is qualified for OEMs in aerospace, energy, tooling and racing. It can be applied on all metallic material, coatings and hard material such as Ceramic.
All of MMP Technology’s solutions are available in our 6 business units in France, USA (2), India, China and Japan.


  • ISO 9001
  • EN/AS/JISQ 9100 - 9110 - 9120


GTE (aerospace et energy)

Racing transmission (Formula 1)

Metal Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing

tooling (forming tools, cutting tools and plastic molds)


10 rue Champ Dolin

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20 - 49 employees

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Capabilities: Mechanics and metallurgy / Painting, coatings and surface treatments / Tooling / MRO / Other services