Main activity

Manufacture of special bots and high-tech mechanical assembly parts. Expert in hot forging, machining, grinding, rolling, assembly, heat treatment, coating. Expertise in high alloys steels, stainless steels (Duplex, Superduplex), superalloys (Inconel, Nimonic, Hastalloy), Titanium. Involved in nuclear, aeronautics, oil & gas, hydro energy, marine engines, railway, lifting, handling.
Our teams have the know-how to ensure the performance improvement of your equipment:
– Redesign to cost: optimizing the cost and performance of your product-assembly-function,
– Co-design: mechanical properties, strength, design, maintenance, product-assembly-function life cycle,
– Innovation – monitoring: tightening control devices (through tension checking), anti-loosening devices, connected fasteners and assemblies.


  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • EN/AS/JISQ 9100 - 9110 - 9120


Safran group (Safran Aircraft Engines, Safran Aero Boosters, Airbus Safran Launchers – Safran Power Units), Ariane, Europropulsion, Dassault, Rafaut, Hutchinson (Paulstra, Vibrachoc), Guimbal Helicopters.

ZI du Bayon

+33 (0)4 77 59 32 80

50 - 99 employees

5 - 30 M€

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Main activity: Build to Print

Capabilities: Materials / Mechanics and metallurgy / Painting, coatings and surface treatments / Tests and control