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Specialized in precision micromechanics subcontracting for over 40 years, STEEC puts its know-how and various technologies at your disposal to meet your most demanding needs, in small and medium production runs.

Electroerosion workshop
Wire EDM (from Ø0.05mm to Ø0.25mm), sinking EDM, high-speed drilling, micro-drilling, and micro-sinking.
– All conductive metallic materials
– Prototyping, small, and medium series
– Maximum wire EDM machine dimensions up to 600x400x310mm
– Achievable Precision: ± 2µm; Ra <0.4µm
– Micro-electro sinking/drilling capacity: all shapes achievable by electrode, drilling from Ø25m to Ø4mm

Laser Workshop
Micro-cutting and 2D laser cutting: from 5µm thickness up to 4mm.
Laser tube micro-cutting from outer Ø0.2mm up to 10mm.
Laser marking for serialization.
– All metallic materials (except copper and copper alloys, which require further study for 20 cutting)
– Prototyping, small, medium, and even large series
– Maximum machine dimensions up to 1000x600mm
– Achievable Precision: ± 2µm; minimum Ø15µm

Cutting Tools Workshop
Micro-milling/drilling on 3-axis and 4-axis centers.
– Maximum machine dimensions up to 700x400x330mm
– Achievable Precision ± 3µm; Ra <0.2µm
– Minimum cutter diameter: 0.1mm and minimum drill Ø50µm
– Maximum diameter of solid carbide end mills and drills: 16mm
CNC turning.
– Bar passage Ø60mm
– Maximum allowable diameter for billets 250mm

Material Specificity all metallic materials with hardness below 55 HRC and some polymers like PEEK and POM.
Achievable Quantity Prototyping, small, and medium series.

Finishing and Dimensional Control Workshop
2 dedicated rooms, one for finishing and the other for control, equipped with optical machines and a three-dimensional machine.


  • ISO 9001


Thales, Cedrat Technologies, Airbus, Nexter, Mirion, Betri, Start’up

88 rue du Pré Magne - ZI Les Andrés
69126 - BRINDAS

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20 - 49 employees

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Main activity: Build to Print

Capabilities: Materials / Mechanics and metallurgy / Tooling / Industrial process (machines)