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QARBONE is the analysis and expertise laboratory for metals and their treatments, of the 6NAPSE Group. The teams provide services to manufacturers. The laboratory performs material control, failure expertise and technical assistance. With the support of other laboratories and test centers of the 6NAPSE Group, manufacturers qualify their equipment according to the standards (DO160 / MILSTD) of Aeronautics and Space: • Conventional or multi-physical tests for the validation of products in the development or qualification phase (vibration, mechanical, environmental, etc.) • Tailor-made and dedicated tests • Correlation calculations/tests • Resistance of paints, salt spray, climatic tests, filiform corrosion, checkering, tearing, dsc,… • Additive Manufacturing: powder characterization methods. A Qualiopi-certified training organization, QARBONE offers intra-company and inter-company professional training. The topics covered are: metallurgy (steel, copper, tools, etc.), heat and surface treatments and the fight against corrosion.


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 17025


Safran, SKF, Figeac Aero …

94 avenue du progrès, Bâtiment D2
69680 - CHASSIEU

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Main activity: Service

Capabilities: Materials / Mechanics and metallurgy / Electrical and electronics (hard and soft) / Tests and control / Training