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Innovative solutions and complex conceptions in technical yarns.
Moulinage du Solier has acquired a real knowledge in working technical yarns, carbons, metal, bamboo, silk, aramide yarns as well as all kinds of high tenacity yarns. 20 years exêroe,ce wprking with all of types of technical yarns (Polyester, Polyamid, Aramid, Glass, Carbon, Bamboo Fibre, hot-melt, soluble yarns…)

Innovations :
Nexocolor TM (Meta-aramid colored filament yarns)
NO’EMITM (Electromagnetic protection yarns)

The diversity offered by our activity and our large product range (from 22 to 30 000 dtex), enables us to meet your needs.

– Applications : ribbons, braids, safety belts, parachutes, bullet-proof jackets, mountaineering ropes, parachute cords, flexible, pipes and hoses, etc…
– Scope : automotive, aeronautic, naval, railway industries, medical products, air and water filtration, protection of electric wires, etc…
– Specific neefs : degradable or heat weldable yarns ; medical yarns ; flame retardant yarns ; special custom made yarns.

Possibilty of measuring spools, various types of supports (dye spools, tubes, cones, flanged spools, special supports…)

We work according to your specifications and have implemented the ISO 9001 standard (specialisation in aeronautical applications)


Airbus Helicopter, Ratier Figeac

ZI Le Solier
43220 - DUNIERES

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